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creative, intuitive,
and practical
guidance for people,
and brands

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inspiring your next journey

I offer online and in-person visualization sessions

for people, brands and creative projects,

which through the timeless wisdom of the tarot,

reveal with remarkable accuracy,

your own hidden, yet powerful stories.

​my aim is to guide and inspire you

through these insightful and empowering narratives,

restoring your sense of purpose, clarity and direction,

towards a meaningful, inspired, and creative journey.

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why the tarot?

a technology. a roadmap. a mirror.

these are metaphors I use to define an undefinable, marvelously inspiring tool.

the archetypal symbols of the tarot cards are the components of this

extraordinarily insightful and precise language system, which through

the mysterious, cosmic law of synchronicity, arrange themselves

into clear and powerful visual narratives.


an insightful tarot session has the power to allow anyone, anywhere,

to transform their lives in that very moment, simply by recognizing

themselves in these narratives.

narratives which clear the fog of everyday life, offering new,

creative possibilities and perspectives on living authentic,

purposeful and conscious lives, during our increasingly complex times.


"images and symbols can
heal the broken imagination"

Rodger Kamenetz

About me

about me

andré blas

I am an anthropologist with an innate passion for language,

mythology, the visual arts, philosophy, and the spiritual life.


the skills and knowledge I have gathered throughout my nomadic life

after decades of psychoanalysis, academic studies,

and transformative shamanistic experiences,

enable me to deeply understand the technology of tarot,

its archetypal symbolism and

fundamental connection with the Divine Feminine,

particularly in the deck I use, the MotherPeace,

which came into my hands in an astonishingly synchronous way.

my intuitive, intellectual and creative connection with the tarot

allows me to effectively use it as a practical and strategic tool

for self-knowledge and meaningful awareness,

and for navigating life with wisdom, imagination, meaning and intent.

Individuals +
Brands +
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for individuals,
couples and families

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my sessions bring a very clear and insightful bird's eye view over any aspect of life.


  • where you are in life right now as an individual, as a couple, or family

  • the challenges along your way and how to overcome them

  • where to focus your energy in order to reach the most desirable and positive outcome

  • what direction to give your life, career or relationships

  • how to resolve conflicts that are causing stagnation, doubt and uncertainty


in fact, there is absolutely no area in our lives where the tarot cannot

shed insightful, valuable and inspiring guidance, from the micro to the macro.

session duration and fees:

  • 60 minutes: U$144

  • 90 minutes: U$188

for brands,
creative projects,
and organizations

storytelling is at the heart of our lives.

branding is storytelling.

tarot is storytelling.


just like people, every brand, project or company needs a purpose,

a direction and an authentic, clear narrative and voice.

my unique approach to using the tarot as a powerful 21st-century tool

for brands, creative projects and organizations

is the result of my extensive professional and creative experience

in brand communication, content design, and editing,

having worked with leading brands,

non-profit organizations and start-ups such as Veuve Clicquot,

the UN, and International Yoga, amongst others,

combined with my innate intuitive storytelling skills,

further cultivated by years of tarot study and practice.


please contact me by email for branding session format and fee.

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francesca wade

creative director, Milk Bar

"after one extraordinary session with andré,

the brand messages that were to be our focus

for the year were incredibly clear, 

and we were able to build a discussion around future goals,

while anticipating the next stage of growth for the company."


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cindy howlett
director of surface design


casey schumacher

senior designer director 

"we invited andré to lead an immersive

tarot session for our design leadership team.


he captivated our group, even winning over sceptics

with his impressive combination of logic,

spiritualism and humour.

it was a compelling, insightful and fun group experience.

many minds were opened at Athleta that day. 


we believe andré is onto something quite brilliant."

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marie-clare giraud

new york city


to learn more about my services
or to book a session, reach out to:

be the first to know of my
future announcements,
special offers and events



“If you’re going to have a story, have a big story.”
Joseph Campbell

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