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practical and intuitive guidance for brands, and people



My creative visualization sessions, using the power and wisdom of the tarot result in positive impacts, and through deep poetic imagination and practical wisdom, they bring order and clarity to all narratives, so you can navigate more consciously and purposefully the internal and external landscapes of our lives.

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About me


The tarot and I

My history with the tarot in fact started before I was conscious of it being a spiritual, creative and professional tool for creative and intuitive guidance and life vision.


My understanding of it, besides the couple of times I had had my cards read, was purely intellectual


and with a focus on the artistic value of the artwork of Niki de Saint Phalle.

I literally went inside, and not metaphorically or intellectually, inside the tarot cards.

But similar to true love or our master, they only appear along our way when we are ready to have them. 

The same is my love for tarot. 

A true love, and a true gift.

My approach for individuals,
couples and families

My tarot readings can give a very clear and insightful look at any situation in your present life, whether it is a macro-view of where you are in life right now, what the challenges you now are facing and what is the "super-power" you must activate right now, in order to reach a most desired and auspicious outcome - or the reading can also be focused on any particular issue or area in your present life: romantic love, career, a decision you must make, and so on.

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My approach for  meaningful brands,
creative projects and organizations

Branding is storytelling. Tarot is storytelling.It our stories that make us, that make a brand.

My unique approach to tarot for brands, businesses, and organizations is the result of my extensive professional and creative experience in brand communication and strategy, combined with my intuitive storytelling skills developed by years of tarot study and practice.




After multiple personal readings with André, as I began

to redefine the brand identity and strategy for Milk Bar,

I reached out to him for clarity.

André used his extraordinary tarot skills to look into where Milk Bar is at present, its current obstacles, challenges and red flags, its strengths, focus and action plan, along with the best place to flow towards, and expand as a brand.

Milk Bar’s valuable brand messaging is the way to educate, inspire and ultimately encourage our customers to purchase, and love Milk Bar


After one session with André, the brand messages that were to be our focus for the year were incredibly clear and we were able to build a discussion around future goals, while anticipating the next stage of growth for the company.

Francesca Wade

Creative Director, Milk Bar


Cindy Howlett
Director of Surface Design


Casey Schumacher

Senior Designer Director 

Athleta invited André to curate an immersive tarot reading, hosted by its Design Leadership Team, involving a large audience of multiple cross-functional participants.

André transcends what is traditionally an intimate one-to-one setting, into a compelling, insightful and joyful group experience. The ability to hold such an immense space and win over the sceptics demonstrated impressive skill & leadership.

It was admirable how André eloquently combined logic, spiritualism and humor.

The surprise and delight was wonderful to witness. The audience was mesmerized, and many minds were opened that day.

We firmly believe that André is expanding the horizons of the art of the tarot, making it a very accessible and practical consultancy tool for companies,  large and small.


We cannot recommend André enough, he is a true maestro, and he is onto something quite brilliant!

Contact me at
to know more about my services,
or to book a session.

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